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Challenge Innovations was formed by two ex Texas Instruments engineers in 1970. They were involved in designing and installing in-house power semiconductor Testers for production use including some of the very first Thermal Resistance/FBSOA Testers, the first computer controlled power ATE systems and the early bipolar high voltage Testers.

 Over the years, Challenge Innovations have made more than 250 Testers / Test Systems and installed them at over 75 customer locations.

Customers include the major Power Semiconductor, Traction Equipment and Motor  Control manufacturers. Their  usage is for volume production with and without automatic handlers, incoming inspection and quality assurance.

Challenge Innovations has a deep knowledge and experience in power semiconductor testing. It ranges from the first bipolar devices, Igbt / Power-fet devices and multi device modules, to the modern ultra high power Igbt modules.

The test types include Static parameters, Dynamic parameters including Short Circuit and RBSOA, Thermal Impedance / Resistance measurements and FBSOA measurements. 

This web site contains the “Introductions” to all the equipment made by Challenge Innovations. These include dimensions and software descriptions. Specifications and prices can be obtained by contacting us with your detailed requirements.


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