S T A  -  3      D y n a m i c    P a r a m e t e r   T e s t e r



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Thank you for requesting information on the STA-3 Dynamic Parameter Tester.

Since April 2008, the IP on Dynamic Testing has been acquired by;

Schuster Elektronik GmbH

Schuster Elektronik GmbH
Peter Fleischmann Strasse 30
D-91074 Herzogenaurach

Tel: +49 [0]9132 750 440
Fax: +49 [0]9132 750 4420

Challenge Innovations has been associated with Schuster Elektronik for over 10 years and can recommend this Company in all aspects.

Please contact Schuster Elektronik  for all your Dynamic Testing requirements at


The information pack on the STA-3 Dynamic Tester below may be useful for background information but it is strongly advised that the above link is used to open the Schuster Elektronik web-site so that the latest information can be evaluated.

Download the STA-3 Dynamic Tester Information Pack