List of useful websites


Distributors used by Challenge Innovations;


Arrow Electronics                        General parts distributor.

DT Electronics                      Lambda power supplies etc.

Electrospeed                        General parts distributor.

Farnell                                           General parts distributor.

RS Components                             General parts distributor.

Silicon Concepts              Supplier of op. amps. etc.


Manufacturers of items used in the Challenge Innovations Testers;


Contact Connectors           DUT connectors etc.

Douglas Transformers          (Try)                   Special Transformers.

ITEM  Industrial                     Case construction system.

Majestic Transformers               Special Transformers.

Multi-Contact                              Connectors, flexible wire etc.

Redpoint Thermalloy                 Wide range of heatsinks.

SMC Pneumatics                  Vast range of pneumatics.


DSO Manufacturers;


LeCroy                                      A wide range of DSOs suitable for use                                                                                  with the STA-3  Dynamic Tester.

Tektronix                                       A wide range of DSOs suitable for use                                                                                  with the STA-3  Dynamic Tester.


Power Semiconductor Manufacturers;


Dynex Semiconductor              Range of high power Igbt, modules,                                                                                         diodes, etc.

Danfoss Silicon Power                  Range of power Igbt singles and                                                                                          modules.

Eupec                                            Range of high power Igbt, modules etc.

General Semiconductor                Range of diodes etc.

Ixys                                                  Range of power Igbt, modules etc.

International Rectifier                             Range of power Igbt, modules etc.

Mitsubishi                         Range of high power Igbt,modules etc.

Semelab                                    Range of power-fets, modules etc.

Westcode                                  Range of high power Igbt, bipolars etc.


Power Semiconductor Users;


Alstom Transport                Manufacturer of high power motor                                                                                          controllers for the  transport industry.

Grundfos                                       Manufacturer of all types of pumps.                                                                                          Make  motor speed controllers.


Automatic Handling euipment manufacturers;


Aeg Emi                          Auto handling systems for most                                                                        packages.

ES Technology       (Try)          Auto Handlers and Laser marking systems.



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